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1. Q: How to use NBA-Palm server?

A: Firstly, let's go to the prediction page at http://www.bioinfo.tsinghua.edu.cn/NBA-Palm/prediction.php. Then input FASTA-format protein primary sequence(s) into the Textbox. You can click the "Example (Caveolin-1)" button for an example sequence. After that, choose which cut-off value you want and press the "Submit" button for the final prediction results.

And if you want to see the corresponding NBA scores to each Cysteine amino acid, please choose the cut-off value "0".

2. Q: Now I get all the prediction results that I need, but I can't automatically analyze them in my own program.

A: We have provided this functionality for users' convenience! After you get the prediction results, you may click the word here in the sentence "Download the TAB-deliminated data file from here", and get a TAB-deliminated result file which should satisfy the need of automatical processing.

3. Q: I have a few questions which are not listed above, how can I contact the authors of NBA-Palm?

A: You may contact the two corresponding authors: Zhirong Sun and Xuebiao Yao for details.

Supplementary materials:

1. NBA-Palm Supplementary Materials.

For publication of results, please cite the following article:

NBA-Palm: Prediction of Palmitoylation Site Implemented In Naive Bayesian Algorithm
Yu Xue, Hu Chen, Changjiang Jin, Zhirong Sun and Xuebiao Yao.

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